On the Eighth Day of Christmas I Finally Got to See

Eight Dingos Digging,
Seven Cassowaries,
Six Emus Eating,
Five Great White Sharks,
Four Koalas Cuddling,
Three Snapping Crocs, 
Two Red Kangaroos,
And a Kookaburra in a Gum Tree

They have always confused me, are they a dog? If not what are they? Even though they have a striking resemblence to our well loved doggos and thought to be similar to wolves, they have recently been declared their own species. The Canis Dingo. They still have an ancestral relationship with dogs but there are still plenty of differences that can be observed.

Whether a dog is domesticated or wild they rely on humans, whereas a dingo is very much a wild warrior. They have the ability to hunt and take care of themselves, if anything humans are more of an annoyance that can provide easy food.

Dingo footprints in the sand.
Dingo footprints in the sand

Unfortunately, they are considered pests as they hunt a lot of farmers flocks. A desperate attempt to save their sheep from an unsuspected attack, Aussie farmers built a huge fence across Australia. It is known to be the longest fence in the world at a length of 5,614kms (3,488 miles). It makes many people laugh when you look at a map as it appears they have missed a section on the end! In fact the fence used to be 8,614kms but was shortened, I am not really sure why. They still rely on it to this day and it costs around $10 million a year to upkeep!!

A cool fact I found is that the dingos skull is the largest part of their anatomy and it is believed that this is to ensure the rest of their body will follow through every nook and cranny they try and crawl through. 

A dingo digging up fish scraps left burried on the beach by fishermen.
Dingo digging a hole on the beach

As they are natural predators and born to live in the wild they don’t produce any body odor. Their prey aren’t going to know they are coming!

They live in packs and have a strict social hierarchy, they tend to have an alpha male and mate for life. Extremely protective of their family and their territory if any unknown dingo was to arrive they may not come out alive! 

Where can you find a Dingo?

My first blog K’Gari Dreaming is all about the biggest sand island in the world and home to the Dingo! You can find dingos all over Fraser Island and with the remoteness of the island they have the ability to become the purest strain of dingo on the eastern seaboard. That being said they can be very sneaky and dangerous. My advice would be to watch from afar and be wary when adventuring around the island, as scary as this sounds don’t go alone! They are beautiful creatures but you don’t want to find yourself surrounded by a pack, I know I definitely don’t.

A dingo eating an overturned turtle on the beach.
Dingo with his dinner

Don’t forget your dingo stick when stopping by the beautiful K’Gari. Want to hear about what we got up to on the world’s largest sand island? Head to my K’Gari Dreaming blog!

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