Kakadu National Park

We have had the absolute pleasure of living, and working, in Kakadu National Park for 5 months! I had never dreamed we would either, which made it even more exciting.

Over the months we learnt so much about the land and the history behind it. It is truly one of the most special locations in the world, which we are all lucky to be invited to experience.
It is one of four of the world heritage sites in Australia that are acknowledged for both their natural and cultural wonders – Make this a stop on your Top End Adventure!

Close up of saltwater crocodile cruising along the east alligator river.
Kakadu NP – home of the salt water crocodile

There is SO much to see in Kakadu so I am going to split it up by region for you.

If you are heading in from Darwin the first area you will come to is the South Alligator Region, this area is better known for its amazing fishing spots which all require a 4WD so keep that in mind!
Also home to two beautiful walks, Kungarre walk and Mamukala wetlands. A haven for all of the local wildlife, National Geographic used to host a live stream of Mamukala to share the mass of birds to the world – yes there really is that many birds! The first episode of Our National Parks narrated by Barack Obama features shots from this outstanding landscape too.

A Jabiru wading through a billabong.

The only township in Kakadu is Jabiru, this is where we were based and I love saying Jabiru in Kakadu, has a certain ring to it. There is a lot more here than you would expect and everything you will need for your adventure. There is even a Mercure hotel that is the shape of a crocodile!

35 minute drive north of Jabiru will take you to the East Alligator Region. Here has one of the most beautiful sunset locations I have ever had the chance to experience, Ubirr. Famous for its rock art and stunning views it is the first place most tourists want to go, Cahills Crossing, Guluyambi Cruise and beautiful walks, there is a day in Kakadu already pre-planned for you.

A fiery sunset on top of Ubirr rock.
Ubirr Sunset

If you travel south from Jabiru you will arrive at Burrungkuy, also known as Nourlangie Rock. You will experience incredible rock art, walk through old aboriginal shelters and lookouts for as far as the eye can see. One of our favourite spots in the National Park! Around the twists, turns and inclines of the Barrk walk was our first true experience of an Australian Bush Walk too!

Further into the heart of the park will take you to the Yellow Water region, home of the Yellow Water River cruise. A must see for all the twitchers visiting the park, like me! Kakadu is home to more than 280 different species of bird, perfect to head down with your binoculars and see what you can find. Don’t worry there are plenty of crocodiles waiting to say hello too. More walks to explore, along with a stop at the Warradjan Cultural Centre and Cooinda Lodge for a bite to eat.

Reflection of a pink and purple sunrise sky at yellow waters billabong.
Yellow Waters Sunrise

Two areas of the park we unfortunately had to miss as they require 4WD’s! Our Vandalf wouldn’t have made the trip back alive, but I have learnt a lot about these areas through guests, living in the area and providing tourist information for all guests staying in Jabiru.

I will be doing a deeper dive into each of the different locations so keep an eye out for these blogs in the next coming weeks!

Can’t wait that long? Shoot me a message and I will get back to you straight away.

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