Nelson Falls Guide – Franklin-Gordon Wild National Park Tasmania

Tasmania has plenty of reasons for you to fall in love with the state, one of those being their magnificent waterfalls! With their rugged landscape and ever changing forecast leaves the perfect environment for these idyllic falls.

The Parks and Wildlife service have put together a 60 Great Short Walks guide in which 9 of those are waterfalls, Nelson Falls being one of them.


Where is Nelson Falls

How to get to Nelson Falls

When is the best time to visit Nelson Falls

Nelson Falls Nature Trail

Where is Nelson Falls

The stunning Nelson Falls is located at the end of a family friendly board walk in the midst of one of Tasmania’s beautiful temperate rainforests, Franklin-Gordon Wild national park.

A lot of travellers may not even know of Nelson Falls but with it being on the Lyell highway 27kms east of Queenstown and 59kms west of Derwent Bridge it is easy to stumble upon.

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How to get to Nelson Falls

Once you experienced the beauty of the great 99 bends road, located right next to the Lyell Highway you will come across a car park. Don’t be put off by the small size, with the walk only being a short distance a space will free up before you know it!

The walk from the car park is beautiful, an easily accessible board walk through the dense trees of the rainforest. A must do for all the family.

This path is an immersive experience into one of the many rainforests of Tasmania, flowing rivers, towering trees, native wildlife and plenty of species of fern.

Just look at all the shades of green!

Can you find any of Tasmania’s endemic birds on your walk?

When is the best time to visit Nelson Falls

Nelson Falls is a beautiful stop for your next road trip that you can see flowing all year round. The best time to visit is from winter to spring or a day after heavy rainfall.

Our road trip around Tasmania was during the month of December, known not to be a good month for waterfalls we decided to take the risk anyway. Lucky for us there was plenty of water flowing over the falls and it was mesmerising.

So whether it is a trickle or a raging flow of water, Nelson falls is a sight to behold no matter what month you decide to visit.

Nelson Falls Nature Trail

Fancy a beautiful walk with plenty to see? Don’t fancy venturing out too far or looking for an accessible track? Make sure to add Nelson Falls to your trip itinerary, check out a few quick details about the path below.


Time: 20 minute walk

Distance: 1.4km return

Fees: A national parks pass will be required to visit the falls, if you haven’t purchased one yet head to this link or visit any National Park visitor centres. Once you have your pass don’t forget to put the pass on your dashboard!

Getting There: Nelson Falls is 27km east from Queenstown, or 59km east of Derwent Bridge. If you are driving along the 99 bends road you won’t miss it.

Parking: A few spaces are available at the entrance to the walk.

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