The Best Sydney Itinerary – How to Spend 4 Days in Sydney

The Best 4 Day Sydney Itinerary

How to get around Sydney

Day 1: Around the City

Day 2: More Exploring

Day 3: Bondi Beach and Coogee Coastal Walk

Day 4: The Blue Mountains

There is No Place Like Sydney

The Best 4 Day Sydney Itinerary

When you think of Australia there are a few iconic destinations that always spring to mind. Uluru, Great Barrier Reef, and the Daintree Rainforest are some outstanding locations famous for their culture, history and scientific importance.

The Sydney Opera House is an exemplary piece of architecture that was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status in 2007. This world famous example of exceptional design and engineering has given Sydney a place on the list of Australian must see destinations.

Located right on the Parramatta river it is in the heart of Sydneys centre, so before we get stuck in to the best things to do for your next trip let’s figure out how to get around.

How to get around Sydney

Clipping Melbourne to the post, Sydney is the largest city in Australia with a population of just over 5 million. Having such a large population means that a good transport network is required, and they have just that, from the train, ferry, bus, taxi and plenty of routes to drive there is something to fit everyones needs.


If you are looking to visit for a holiday I personally wouldn’t recommend hiring a car, only so you don’t have to factor in where to park but if your accommodation has on site parking and you are looking at exploring further outside sydney too it is a great option.

On our trip we had our campervan and to avoid parking disasters we set up camp in Rockdale and took the train in every day. If you are on your lap of Aus in your own camper I highly recommend this option so you can explore Sydney and its surroundings without having to worry about all of the silly height restrictions.


As with any major city they have plenty of bus routes running, with select services running 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I was pleasantly surprised when we took the bus from the Opera House to Bondi Beach. Easy to navigate and comfortable journey.


The ferry gives you the perfect opportunity to explore along the river, running from Parramatta all the way along to manly. One of the most popular stops is right next to the Opera House, we jumped on here to take us straight across, a much quicker route than walking along the bridge.


Normally I am a sucker for an Uber, but the public transport was so impressive around Sydney we never had to call on a taxi. As always they are there to help and another great service to choose on your trip.

Day 1 Around The City

It goes without saying, our first stop was to visit the beautiful Sydney Opera House. Located right in the centre on the river it is a stunning location. Can you believe there was no-one else there?! Our visit was before the borders re-opened so we were actually the only ones there taking selfies, I still can’t believe it either.

On your visit expect a lot of people, it is a renowned tourism hotspot in Australia so as beautiful as it is it will be busy.

A short walk from the Opera house you will find The Royal Botanical Gardens, a perfect spot to lay in the sun read a book or just watch the world go by.

If you were to walk in the other direction from the Opera House you will come across a small neighbourhood called The Rocks. This area is bustling with funky bars, restaurants, markets and museums there are so many events running all year round.

My favourite activity in this area has to be the Sydney Bridge Climb, they run a large number of tours from dawn all the way into the night. We chose the twilight tour to watch the sun set over the city and move into the gorgeous night time glow. I love to see a city from above a night, what do you prefer?

When you arrive you are asked to sign a waiver and watch numerous videos on safety while on tour. During this time they take a breath test to ensure you are under 0.05% alcohol level. Some guests aren’t aware of this and will go out drinking during the day before the tour to only get asked to leave. Don’t get caught out by this!

It may be called a bridge climb but I promise you it isn’t as strenuous as it sounds, you just have to do this on your next trip. You won’t regret it I promise.

The night lights of Sydney looked so gorgeous from above we had to go and enjoy it some more. During our time in Australia one of our favourite beers was 150 lashes by James Squire, when we heard there was a James Squire bar in Sydney we just had to go. We didn’t know at the time but the bar actually overlooks the Opera House! Add this to your must see night time locations around Sydney and try one of their many beers while gazing at the Opera House, it never gets old.

Day 2 More Exploring

If you’re anything like us we normally spend most of out time outside of cities hiking and exploring those more remote locations, so when we land in a city we turn into a true tourist!

There are so many activities to choose from along the Darling Harbour with lots of events happening throughout the year with the most popular being the incredible firework display, check it out and see if anything takes you fancy.

At this point of our travels we hadn’t discovered our love of the ocean yet but were dying to see some of Australias incredible marine life, especially a dugong! The Sea Life centre is located right on the harbour next door to Madame Tussauds.

To save money you can pay for a 4 attraction pass which saves you $95 to visit the sea life centre, madame Tussauds, wildlife park and The Sydney Tower Eye, if you have the time it is a great deal for all the family.

We only had time for the Sea Life centre and we were so impressed, from their reef exhibits to their Penguin Parades it was so incredible to see a wide variety of marine life that can be found all across Australia. The free photos at the start of the tour was a great touch, you can choose which background you like too!

With so much to explore we jumped on the ferry to find Wendys Secret Garden, despite the name it is actually one of Sydneys worst kept secrets speak to any local and they will have heard of it or even enjoyed the gardens themselves.

It is a public garden with no official opening hours, however I would recommend visiting during the day as there are no lights to illuminate the path after nightfall. It is free of charge and a gorgeous place for that lunchtime picnic.

Wendy designed the garden based on her artistic flair, with no prior horticultural experience she focus on the colours, look and feel. Her hard work has paid off as it is become one of the top visited locations in Sydney for tourists all across the globe, for its beautiful plants but also the stunning view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

To get there jump on the F3 ferry to Parramatta or the F4 to Pyrmont Bay from Circular Quay and get off at Milsons Point. Walk past the heritage listed Luna Park which is located right on the harbour and continue along the Peter Kingston walkway until you reach an archway on your right side. This will take you up to the entrance of Wendys Secret Garden!

I absolutely love musicals, they just give me all the happy feels! We were lucky enough to get some tickets to see Frozen. Pre-theatre dinner at Meat & Co and a night at the theatre.

If you are a musical buff like me, make sure to check out what is on your next trip.

Day 3 Bondi Beach and Coogee Coastal walk

If you are visiting Sydney, you must have heard of Bondi Beach. Famous for its proximity to the city but also for its gorgeous blue waters and surfing. Always busy with tourists and locals alike who want to wind down and enjoy the sunshine.

A must do activity when you visit Bondi Beach is to do the Bondi to Coogee Coastal walk. It takes around 1.5 hours to complete the 7km but you will be astounded by the gorgeous scenery and all of the hidden beaches you will stumble across along the way.

Day 4 In The Blue Mountains

90 minutes drive north west of Sydney will take you to the infamous Blue Mountain range. Well known for the three sisters lookout in Katoomba and the long list of walking trails and waterfalls in the area.

You could spend weeks exploring this beautiful area but if you only have one day check out How to spend a day in the Blue Mountains it has lots of tips and tricks for what you should do on your visit.

There is No Place Like Sydney

Sydney speaks for itself, its unique landmarks, nightlife, beaches, great climate and that amazing work life balance we all crave. There is something for everyone here and hopefully this blog has pointed you towards something you want to do on your next trip to Sydney!

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