On the First Day of Christmas I Finally got to See, A Kookaburra in a Gum Tree

You better believe it, it’s FINALLY time for the 12 days of BLOGMAS. A time of year where bloggers far and wide get excited to share some festive cheer to one and all.

Australia has helped me find my love of writing, sharing and exploring, which is why this year I will be sharing my AUSTRALIAN 12 days of Christmas! Each day I will be telling you all about some of the different animals you can see on your Oz adventure and most importantly, where to find them!

A Kookaburra in a gum tree!

The Kookaburra is one of Australias beautiful yet bizarre birds. They have several different nicknames but the one that sticks the most is the Laughing Kookaburra. If you have heard their call you will know why. They fill dawn and dusk with their distinctive laughing and this is what also gives them the nickname the Bushman’s clock!

A blue winged Kookaburra perched on a branch.
The Blue Winged Kookaburra

One thing I didn’t know until I started writing this is that they belong to the Kingfisher family, no wonder George loves them as I call him the King of the kingfishers. He is an EXPERT at spotting them on all of our hikes, sometimes he can spot well over 10!

There are 4 different species of Kookaburra but only two are found in Australia. On our travels we have noticed that a lot of travelling Australians actually don’t know this. During our time in the NT so many passing through were asking me “What is the bird that kinda sounds like the Kookaburra but isn’t?” Our NT feathered friends are different to those in Eastern Australia, like a long lost cousin. These are the Blue-Winged Kookaburras!

Where can you find these Quirky Kookaburras? 

A Kookaburra on the ground looking for food.
What have you found there?

I could give you top tips to find these birds but honestly… they are everywhere! From forests and woodlands to residential areas and cities. If there is food and water nearby trust me, you will find a Kookaburra. Just listen out for their distinctive call.

Wendys Secret Garden located in central Sydney took us both by surprise. A luscious green garden next to Lavender Bay, with a perfect view of the harbour bridge, is home to an abundance of Kookaburras! Every corner we turned there was one in sight, safe to say we took A LOT of kookaburra photos that day. 

A view of Sydney harbour bridge from  Wendys Secret Garden.
Sydney through wendys secret window

I wonder what tomorrow will bring

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