On the Second Day of Christmas I Finally Got to See

Two Red Kangaroos,
And a Kookaburra in a Gum tree.

Thank you for coming back, can you believe I am writing 12 blogs over 12 days?? I know I can’t either!

Now, who wants to hear about the much-loved KANGAROO?!

We have a little mascot that we take on all of our adventures, Ozzy the Red, who has journeyed with us all the way from the Toon in the North East of England. I wonder if you have spotted him on any of our instagram posts?

Did you know that Australia is home to more Kangaroos than humans. Coming from the UK I find it so hard to believe there are more animals than people. I think the closest we get back home is 1 cow for every 5 people. Whereas the kangaroos are at least 2:1! 

A muscular Kangaroo lying in the shade.
Beast of a Kangaroo

There are four different species of kangaroos, Red, Eastern Grey, Western Grey and the Antilopine. Each species is found within different habitats throughout Australia. 

Red Kangaroos are typically found within Australias red centre.

Eastern Grey Kangaroo live all along the eastern coastline and also in Tasmania.

Western Grey Kangaroo  are found in South Australia and Kangaroo Island.

Antilopine Kangaroos, which I have never heard of before now, live within the tropical northern hills of Australia.

They are the only mammal that use hopping as their primary method of travel, but they can’t move backwards – the only way is forwards! I think we all need to move more like the Kangaroo too, what do you think? 

A close up of a Kangaroo eating some food.
Munch munch

Where to find Kangaroos?

With 2 kangaroos to every 1 person, it is safe to say they are everywhere, so keep your eyes peeled.  Especially when driving at night, we have sworn to never drive after dark to avoid the risk of hitting one of these gorgeous creatures and avoid writing our car off!

Cape Hillsborough national park in QLD is a fantastic spot to witness the local kangaroos in a gorgeous scenic location. Located 30km off the Bruce Highway between Mackay and Airlie beach, trust me it is worth the detour. 

The campsite is right next to the beach and it will take less than one minute from your campervan to the soft coastal sand. I’m not lying!

Kangaroos are most active around dawn and dusk to avoid the mid-day heat, so a great chance to spot them is during their daily feeding. The ranger goes onto the beach before sunrise each morning and lays feed for some of the locals. This is a great opportunity for tourists to see these animals at sunrise and a chance for the ranger to have a quick look to see how they are doing. 

Don’t get me wrong it is fabulous experience, and actually one of my must-sees, to sit and watch the kangaroos as they come onto the beach as the sunrises but please please PLEASE respect them and their space ❤ 

Sarah hand feeding a Kangaroo.
Hand feeding a kangaroo in Australia Zoo

If you want to experience feeding the Kangaroos I would recommend 

Moonlit Sanctuary in Victoria.

Situated near the gorgeous Mornington Peninsula is this cute little Animal Sanctuary. You will have the opportunity to see over 70 different species of Australian animals and the chance to book an encounter with some of them too. We booked in for a Koala encounter and we met the sassy Gumnut, for a few photos, a good scratch and a talk about what she does every day! She did it all for the snacks. So did the kangaroos, you can purchase some feed at the front desk and they are found all around the sanctuary. More than happy to chill with you in exchange for some food.

Australia Zoo in Queensland.

If you are an animal lover, a trip to QLD isn’t complete without a day to the home of the crocodile hunter, Australia Zoo! Only 1 hour 15 minutes from Brisbane and located right next to the gorgeous Glass House Mountains, it makes for a perfect weekend trip. Make sure to drop in to the onsite hospital to see the fantastic work they are doing for the local wildlife. Then what can I say, the wildlife warriors show in the Mount Franklin Crocoseum is one you cannot miss. We purchased some kangaroo feed and spent the afternoon feeding the kangaroos and their joeys!

The Kangaroo Sanctuary  in Alice Springs, Northern Territory.

They offer sunset tours for you to join a guided tour of their facility, meet their family of Kangaroos and even get to hold a little baby joey too!

I will forever be in awe every time I spot one of these beautiful creatures out on our adventures.

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