Misery Beach – Australias Best Beach 2022

Throughout our lap of Australia we have come across so many glorious beaches, pristine white sands and crystal blue waters. Recently we had the pleasure of stumbling across Misery Beach, a hidden secluded spot within Torndirrup National Park, awarded Australia's Best Beach for 2022 back in February of this year, and it didn't disappoint. What …

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Beedelup Falls Walking Trail

Hidden in plain sight you will find Beedelup Falls, a glorious waterfall surrounded by towering Karri Trees in the famous South West of Australia. We recently did a 3 month stint working at the RAC Karri Valley Resort, which coincidently was situated right next to this great walking trail! The loop can be started at …

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A close up of a green sea turtle underwater.

On the Tenth Day of Christmas I Finally Got to See

Ten Turtles Tapping,Nine Whale Sharks Waiting,Eight Dingos Digging,Seven Cassowaries,Six Emus Eating,Five Great White Sharks,Four Koalas Cuddling,Three Snapping Crocs, Two Red Kangaroos,And a Kookaburra in a Gum Tree Don't you just LOVE turtles. I don't think I have come across anyone on my travels who doesn't want to see one on their underwater adventures. Two of the …

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