Beedelup Falls Walking Trail

Hidden in plain sight you will find Beedelup Falls, a glorious waterfall surrounded by towering Karri Trees in the famous South West of Australia.

Flowing waterfall down rocky cascades, surrounded by green trees and blue skies.

We recently did a 3 month stint working at the RAC Karri Valley Resort, which coincidently was situated right next to this great walking trail! The loop can be started at either the Karri Forrest Explorer Car Park or from the Resort itself. As we were working at the resort we always started it from there.

The loop starts with stunning views of Beedelup Lake and the surrounding Karri Trees, on a good day the reflections are just to die for. At the start of the route, hiking in a clockwise direction, there is a very small bridge to cross which takes you to a small man made dam. This was made back in the 1950s when the area was owned by a local farmer who needed better irrigation to feed his crops.

Reflection of the trees on Beedelup Lake

The towering Karri trees are filled with local birdlife we found so many red winged fairy wrens along the route, and at night the possums come out to play. If you are staying at the resort I highly recommend walking along the track at night time with a torch in hand, keep in mind for any other creatures that may be around too.

Red winged fairy wren hidden in the bush

There are signs along the loop that provide information about the Karri trees and some of the birds you might find. Majority of this walk is part of the world famous Bibbulman track, stretching around 1000km from Kalamunda to Albany. You will be able to say you have walked a section of the Bib – pretty cool right?!

I would say this is a medium grade hike as it is steep in a few sections, so ensure you are wearing the correct footwear as it can get muddy too.

After the climb you will reach the rocky cascades of the falls, the best time to see the falls would be in winter and early spring but it does still flow during all other months of the year. There is a purpose built viewing platform which takes you over the top of the falls and also a suspension bridge built at the bottom which is heaps of fun!

A small and thin suspension bridge joining to the path on the other side.

As you continue the loop there is a lookout point which shows the gorgeous karri valley resort in the distance. 

A steep climb up, it’s time to head back down. You can continue the loop straight back to the resort or you can add on a detour to the Walk Through Tree. A man made hole has been cut into this enormous 400 year old tree.

George standing in a man made hole through a karri tree, holding on to the top of the ladders down.

Overall I think this is a perfect walk for all the family, one of the best ways to immerse yourself into the forests of the south west region.


Time: 45 minutes to complete the loop

Distance: 4.5 km loop

Fees: If not staying at the resort, National Park fees do apply. If you have paid for the Karri Explorer Pass this will include all stops that day!

Getting There: It is a part of the Karri Forest Explorer Route. The route is also accessed via the popular RAC Karri Valley resort and part of the Bibbulman track. 

Parking: If not staying at the resort there is parking located next to the falls. Co-ordinates – (115.86978257, -34.41898752)

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