Misery Beach – Australias Best Beach 2022

Throughout our lap of Australia we have come across so many glorious beaches, pristine white sands and crystal blue waters. Recently we had the pleasure of stumbling across Misery Beach, a hidden secluded spot within Torndirrup National Park, awarded Australia’s Best Beach for 2022 back in February of this year, and it didn’t disappoint.

White sands and blue waters on one end of Misery Beach, sheltered by a large rock.

What is Misery Beach?

In each state we have found that a lot of places have very obvious names, for example there is 5 mile beach and you guessed it the beach is 5 miles long. Cape Tribulation was named by Captain cook as this is the location where “all of their troubles began”, so when we arrived at Misery Beach we wondered what the story might be behind the miserable name.

Unfortunately it is a story that breaks my heart.

1947 until 1978 Albany was home to one of the 6 Whaling companies within the country. The Cheynes II, III and IV were all part of the whaling operations during the near 3 decades the Albany station was in action. At the start of the industry their main focus was Humpback whales, killing almost 13,000 across all WA stations. In 1963 it was announced that the Humpback Whales were to be a protected species due to the huge decline in numbers, it was believed that there were less than 600 adults living in the southern waters at this point! With humpback whales now off the quota for these whaling boats, they moved their focus onto the sperm whales within the area, slaughtering around 14,000 in Cheynes Beach Whaling station alone.

To think that such barbaric work was done in such a beautiful part of the world is truly devastating.

The Cheynes IV, beached at the Whaling Museum.

With Misery Beach located just around the corner from this historic slaughter house, every day during its operations the blood of these whales would smother the luscious white sands and blue waters. It is believed that the site of the blood stained beach is what gave this beach its name.

Where is Misery Beach?

Until the unveiling of Australias best beach 2022 this little haven was a bit of a secret spot for the locals of Albany. Located within Torndirrup National Park 20kms south of Albany this is a must stop on your south australian road trip adventure.

Sarah, her mum and dad on both sides of misery beach in a silly panoramic photo.

What can you do at Misery Beach?

Despite the name, it is definitely not a miserable spot. Head down to the beach for the day for swimming, paddle boarding, sunbathing or even just a short walk along the beach. It really is beautiful, even on a windy November day.

You may even spot some local dolphins, seals and even whales! There may be the occasional shark like every seaside location around the Australian coastline, so something to bear in mind.

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